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miles of smiles


They're alright most of the time. I forgot I had them on.


They hurt at first but I got used to them.


Very easy and non-painful process. Can't wait for my teeth to be straight.


They really helped my teeth. My teeth were all crooked but I got braces and they helped fix my teeth. It hurt in the beginning but I got used to them.


It hurts when they get tightened but it's worth it and I got used to them really fast.


Having braces was an experience I am grateful to have received . All the work to maintain and take care of my teeth was definitely worth it.


It felt like a long time that I had them on but in the end the results were definitely worth the wait.


When I got my braces off it felt like I had more space in my mouth and my teeth felt really smooth.


It was long and sometimes painful but very worth it. They helped a lot and I am very happy with the results.


I didn't like them at first but after a while I got used to them. I love how they made my teeth look so it was all worth it!


Braces are not very fun to have but the end result is great and they are worth it!


It takes long but it's worth the wait


I'm lucky to have parents that were willing and able to give me such a fantastic gift I can treasure for the rest of my life.


Thank you for fixing my teeth and the hard work and sacrifice. And hope you enjoy more cookies to come.


It was worth it!


It was a long time but it was worth it after all is said and done.


It took me three years but the results are worth it. Always follow the doctor's instructions and you'll be just fine. Thank you. I'm so happy.


I love my teeth. Favorite orthodontist evaaa !!! My teeth look great!! YIPPEEE !!!


Definitely worth the years I had them on.


I am glad I had them. The braces have straightened my teeth. They taught my how important oral hygiene is. I will keep it up the rest of my life.


Having braces was the best experience I could ever go thru. At first I wasn't too sure about them, but soon after a week or so I loved them. And to think after over two years they're off!! It was amazing to see how fast my teeth moved.


Braces were great! but challenging. Glad to have them off. Can't wait to eat apples with these pearly whites.


After over two years of having braces, I now know how worth it it really was. I personally think my teeth look allot better and have improved a huge amount from the first time I stepped in the door. I am very grateful to have my teeth straight now.


I am so happy to get them off. I can brush my teeth now.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds