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miles of smiles


Went really smooth once I got used to them. Happy with the end result and glad it's done.


It was cool seeing how much they can improve your teeth. They look so different. It's a long process but it was worth it!


Having braces was a fun time. The Doc was always really nice and gentle. 2 years went by fast!


I love them!!!


I don't thinking having braces was as bad or as painful as people said they are. The aftermath was well worth having them.


Having braces wasn't as bad as I thoguht it was going to be. Now my teeth look great and I'm happy I got braces.


I like how it made your teeth straight. For one week it made your teeth hurt but after that it didn't hurt at all.


Braces aren't as bad as I thought they would be. The only time that it would "hurt" is when something broke or when they got tightened. And it would only hurt for like an hour.Over all braces aren't as bad as people say they are.


I'm happy I got my braces off because now I have straight teeth and can eat whatever I want.


Having braces is easy once you get used to them. After a while you get used to htem and you forget that they are there. The results of having them are great!


Having braces wasn't as bad at all. If you listen to everything they have to say the time will fly by


It's nice having straight teeth and not being uncomfortable when taking pictures because of a crooked tooth or smile.


Having braces was an awesome way to readjust my mouth. I had really bad crooked teeth and they fixed my teeth!


It felt shorter then it really was. 2 years with these on flew by and I'm very happy with how they came out! Definitely worth it !


Rough at beginning. Got easier to get used to by the end.


At first it took sometime getting used to them but after a couple weeks I felt like I never had them on.


It was 100% worth the time. Wear your elastics.....seriously!


Having braces was definitely not as bad as everyone thinks. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to get braces and fix my teeth.


This was the best decision I ever made!


Love my teeth now. Braces fixed my teeth.


It may get annoying sometimes but it's super cool to see your teeth change and you know that hte end result is straight teeth.


They hurt at first but once you're use to them it's fine!And it's so exciting having a beautiful smile.


At first they might hurt but you'll get used to them. At first I didn't like them but knew they were helping me.


Braces were totally worth the outcome. I love my smile.


Glad to have them off but even more excited about how they look now ! Great experience at Dr. Reynolds !!!


I'm glad that I got them off because now I love my straight teeth.


For the first couple months I was not sure if I wanted braces ot not. But 7 months in I knew I wouldn't regret having them and I don't actually. PS. Dr. Reynolds is a great guy!


Although it took a long time it was definitely worth it !!


They hurt in the first 2 weeks but not much after that. I love the color choices.


They're alright most of the time. I forgot I had them on.


They hurt at first but I got used to them.


Very easy and non-painful process. Can't wait for my teeth to be straight.


They really helped my teeth. My teeth were all crooked but I got braces and they helped fix my teeth. It hurt in the beginning but I got used to them.


It hurts when they get tightened but it's worth it and I got used to them really fast.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds