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miles of smiles


It took me three years but the results are worth it. Always follow the doctor's instructions and you'll be just fine. Thank you. I'm so happy.


I love my teeth. Favorite orthodontist evaaa !!! My teeth look great!! YIPPEEE !!!


Definitely worth the years I had them on.


I am glad I had them. The braces have straightened my teeth. They taught my how important oral hygiene is. I will keep it up the rest of my life.


Having braces was the best experience I could ever go thru. At first I wasn't too sure about them, but soon after a week or so I loved them. And to think after over two years they're off!! It was amazing to see how fast my teeth moved.


Braces were great! but challenging. Glad to have them off. Can't wait to eat apples with these pearly whites.


After over two years of having braces, I now know how worth it it really was. I personally think my teeth look allot better and have improved a huge amount from the first time I stepped in the door. I am very grateful to have my teeth straight now.


I am so happy to get them off. I can brush my teeth now.


It was bad for only the first month but after that I forgot I even had them on!


It's the best day ever getting my braces off. I actually can smile with my teeth now! It's an awesome feeling!


I was pleased with my experience having braces from Dr. Reynolds. I have found that my teeth are remarkably better post braces. I would recommend Dr. Reynolds' service to anybody considering getting braces.


I'm happy to finally have my braces off. After a year my teeth look so much better.


They're not as bad as you would ever think. You're always happy with the end result.


The change from the braces made my smile allot better. My teeth are smooth and are lined up with each other. You get used to the braces. They were not uncomfortable.


I was excited to get braces at first because I wanted straight teeth. I have to say that it really caused some pain for the last 2 years. The people here are really nice and I am very very happy with the way my teeth came out!


It may have taken 2 years but in the long run my teeth came out perfect and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Dr. Reynolds


Always wear your elastics!


I hated them but you forget you have them sometimes.


It's worth not having certain things to eat after you get them off.


After the three years it was worth having the braces and my teeth look much better.


After the three years it was worth having the braces and my teeth look much better.


I'm very happy with my new teeth. They look great !


It really wasn't bad at all. I never drank soda or chewed gum on a regular basis and I barely even noticed the braces on my teeth. So they weren't bad at all. Once you get passed the first week of having them, you've already experienced the worst part of having them.


Good service. Good doctor!


It was the best choice I could have made for my teeth. It has also shown me how important cleaning my teeth properly is


I'm really happy the way my teeth came out My smile looks really good now.


Braces made my teeth straight and made my buck teeth go away. Being honest, braces aren't that bad to have.


I was so happy I was able to get braces and have the opportunity ti fix my teeth. I am very happy with how my teeth turned out!


I have had braces for a long time and it feels wonderful to have them taken off. They did a great job with my teeth.


Thought it was going to be worse than it was but time went by quickly and next thing I knew I was getting them off. Didn't hurt one bit!


I was really happy to see the change in my smile. It was really worth it.


With braces you become more responsible because you want your smile to be perfect. I like that I got braces because it kind of made me feel better about myself.


It was a long process but it was worth it in the end. It was hard not having specific foods.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds