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miles of smiles


Good service. Good doctor!


It was the best choice I could have made for my teeth. It has also shown me how important cleaning my teeth properly is


I'm really happy the way my teeth came out My smile looks really good now.


Braces made my teeth straight and made my buck teeth go away. Being honest, braces aren't that bad to have.


I was so happy I was able to get braces and have the opportunity ti fix my teeth. I am very happy with how my teeth turned out!


I have had braces for a long time and it feels wonderful to have them taken off. They did a great job with my teeth.


Thought it was going to be worse than it was but time went by quickly and next thing I knew I was getting them off. Didn't hurt one bit!


I was really happy to see the change in my smile. It was really worth it.


With braces you become more responsible because you want your smile to be perfect. I like that I got braces because it kind of made me feel better about myself.


It was a long process but it was worth it in the end. It was hard not having specific foods.


As scary as it might seem having braces was not a bad experience. Getting braces off is an astronomical confidence booster. The process of braces for 21/2 years was a long one but absolutely worth it!!


It was painful at timed to wear braces but in the end it was worth it. My teeth were crooked and it looked like they couldn't go back to normal. Now that I got my braces off my teeth look nice and normal.


Something not many experience. Great experience Enjoyed my time with braces.


I am more willing to smile and laugh with better looking teeth. There are only positives


It's easy and smooth going when you follow the directions! Then there's nothing to it.


I think braces are good. My teeth were horrible now I can be proud to smile and show off my teeth. If you get elastics it's important to wear them.



It took some time getting used to and it may be hard work but it's worth it in the end.


Having braces was one of the best experiences of my life. At times they were painful and annoying but they were well worth it! I'd like to thank Dr. Reynolds and his amazing team for helping me be confident about my teeth. They were my biggest insecurity.


Very happy that they are off. I feel brand new, clean and happy!


It took a long time of tightening, driving and adjusting but of course worth it in the end!


Braces take a long time but I am happy that I have beautiful teeth and no more braces.


Braces are an experience. They're temporary but leave a lasting impression. They can hurt and restrict what you eat, but what they can do for you, the pros out weigh the cons.


They aren't as bad as others will think. The 2 years flew by.


Braces were like an annoyance at first but I am sure glad that I had them. Thanks to Dr. Reynolds I have a nice smile.


At first the braces hurt a lot when I first got them on. But after a little while I got used to them. They felt big and a bit weird at first but after a while they start to feel like fit in your mouth. Also when things were changed like when teeth are moving it hurts at first but then went away.


Having braces was bittersweet because 10% of the time I was cool, I'll have nice teeth but the other 90% I was like get these out of my mouth. But I survived so I'm glad I had the opportunity to have braces.


At times they might hurt a little but mostly you forget they're even on.


I finally get to feel my teeth. I can finally brush them perfectly. I can use cheaper floss.


Braces weren't as bad a people say they are. After a couple weeks I got used to them and didn't mind them.


Braces can be annoying and painful at times but the outcome is 100% worth it!!


It was well worth the wait.


Glad I got them. They aren't the best when they are on but it's awesome seeing that your teeth have changed.


I thought that getting the braces on/off would hurt a lot more, but I didn't feel a thing. The only bad part was the elastics. Everyone here was so nice and helpful.


I got used to them and forgot I had them a couple of times.


Braces can be a pain when you can't eat or drink things. However, it's interesting each month to see such a change and now I'm very glad to have a nice straight smile.


My teeth feel much better after having braces.


Made my teeth straight. It was worth it !!


Having my braces on wasn't a big deal or problem for me. Sometimes I forgot I had them on. Getting them off didn't hurt at all and my teeth look great!


The braces were a very long process but the end result is great! I feel allot better than before I got braces.


I really loved getting braces because my teeth look great now and my teeth look totally different. They were fine when they were on and I had no problem taking care of my teeth.


It was a tough two years but I got thru it and it wasn't as bad as I thought.


Before Taylor had braces her teeth were out of synch. Getting the braces on was less of an issue than expected. The time went by fast and her smile looks great!


The outcome is worth having braces for a couple of years.


Thank you Dr. Reynolds and team for my awesome new teeth! They look great !


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds