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miles of smiles


They're not fun but their worth it.


It was a very long process but was well worth it. My teeth are extremely straight and I love it! Everyone who works here is very nice and understanding. I loved having braces and love my straight teeth.


It was really difficult at first but I can honestly say that it was worth it !


I didn't enjoy the pain of having them tightened or even cutting my lips at times but they're worth it and not as bad as people say they are.


It feels good to have my braces off.


My teeth look great! I love my new smile.


I am so glad that I got my braces because now I have beautiful teeth.


I thought it was good and there was no pain for the first day and Dr. Reynolds was great!


This was a great experience. I looked forward to going once a month. It's a friendly place and my teeth look great!


This place is very professional. They did exactly what they said they would. I'm satisfied with the way my teeth look now. I highly recommend Dr. Reynolds to anyone.


Dr. Reynolds is a great orthodontist. He's very caring. Also he took good care of my teeth.


Having braces was a good experience because after having them on for a few years I get straight teeth.


It was a very great experience. I loved having braces. It never hurt once, Everyone was so nice. It was nothing I expected because everyone said it would hurt but thru out my 3 years it only truly hurt 2 times. I loved having braces, it was great!!


Having braces is not as bad as everyone says. Everyone is really nice and your teeth end up looking great!




I thought I would hate braces but I loved every second of it. The journey was difficult but I made it and now I love my smile. I would also like to thank every person that operated on my teeth and to make me feel welcome.


It was a great experience. Definitely worth the time and pain to have a great smile.


They really fixed my teeth and it feels good when I got them off for the first time.


four years is a long time but it's all worth it.


Braces were definitely worth it!


My teeth look a lot nicer after I got my braces off.


Braces are a pain in the butt!


Braces have a good and bad side. The good is that they make your teeth straight. The bad is that they're painful. Over all they are worth it. If there is one thing that I've leaned is that they are worth it!


Braces aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I know they can be a pain sometimes but they are worth it in the end. As long as you follow all the rules and do the things they tell you, you'll have a Hollywood smile before you know it!


They were kind of a pain and I hated not being able to eat anything I wanted but I'm just glad they are off.


Brush your teeth very good. Don't food stuck in them b/c it's embarrassing and gross. Try not to complain too much about them b/c in the end your teeth will be beautiful.


Having braces was fun for me because I knew with every check up there was something that was changing for the good. Having a food pick for school is a must because talking to people with food in your braces is not good.


Having braces was a little embarrassing at first but I'm happy with nice straight teeth.


I didn't mind having the braces on and when I went to the appointments everyone was so nice and now my teeth are nice and straight.


I'm happy with my new teeth. It was worth skipping out on school to come here.


I love my new smile.


Having braces isn't easy but nothing in life is easy. It took 4 years to get my teeth right (mostly because of me missing my appointments). But it was worth it!


I am really glad with the results. They were definitely worth it


Having braces was not always the most comfortable thing. But seeing the improvement in my jaw and smile every month was awesome. Now that there off I really appreciate how much they worked.


Time flew by! The staff and Dr. Reynolds were excellent in assisting me with my braces. My teeth feel better, straighter and whiter due to the magnificent team work of the staff. I highly recommend Dr. Reynolds office!


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds