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being a patient

First, call our office at 603.898.9773. Beverly will schedule an appointment and request some initial insurance information. You will receive an appointment confirmation and a Medical History Form for Adults or for Children (click link to download) in the mail. Bring the completed form to your appointment – it’s the first treatment plan step.

Doc briefly examines the patient and talks about his initial diagnosis about treatment during the first appointment – it’s about 15 minutes long.

Next is a full diagnostic appointment – 30 to 40 minutes. Maureen and Paula take profile, panoramic and other dental x-rays, plaster study models of the teeth, and photos of the patient’s face and teeth. Doc uses this information to plan the best course of treatment. Doc also does a soft tissue analysis and a TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) evaluation. No hardware is put in the patient’s mouth!

The next appointment is about two weeks later. You meet with Doc in his private office — not in the chair. He describes his diagnosis, the treatment he proposes and the length and cost of treatment. Doc answers as many questions as you can ask! You leave the appointment with the information you need about the orthodontic treatment.

Andrea and the responsible party establish a financial plan and a contract for services and agreement to pay. She tailors the financial arrangements to any insurance coverage and payment preferences.

Now treatment begins. During the first appointment the patient picks the type of braces — clear, colored, or stainless steel. The appointment lasts 90 minutes and Maureen and Paula teach you how to live with braces. Cooperation is crucial and the patient will be asked to read and sign a Patient Agreement (click link to download). The patient receives “Brace” Team Rules (click link to download) that provides information about life during orthodontic treatment.

Beverly schedules patients for monthly appointments over the treatment period which varies depending on each case — and will call to remind you so you don't miss your appointment.

Maureen, Paula and Doc monitor oral hygiene carefully! They will notify parents and/or responsible parties if they feel the patient is having difficulty.

Finally! The de-banding! The braces and wires are removed, teeth are polished, and the patient receives removable retainers.

Doc and the whole office are proud of every smile that walks through their door — he snaps an “after” photo to complete the patient’s history file.

Beverly schedules appointments for the patient to come in six times over the next year. Our patients eventually fade away, but their smiles don’t.
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