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miles of smiles


Having braces was such a pain. But even though you have to give up some of your favorite foods, it's all worth it in the end.


They were annoying at times but I'm glad that my teeth are perfect now. And I'm happy that I can eat candy now.


Having braces wasn't that bad, honestly. I used to drink allot of soda but with braces I had to change that. And it really helped my health along with making sure it didn't decay the cement on my teeth!


I have enjoyed coming in to see Doc. He has the best interest to fix teeth. And all of his workers.


Having braces was an experience. I know that it definitely taught me to be consistent on things I need to. Since I had to wear elastics. Of course it made my smile much better.


Having braces wasn't as bad as everyone says they are. I loved them but what I love most is the outcome having perfect teeth feels great!


Braces didn't hurt as much as I thought they would. Rubber bands weren't so bad. Just got annoying to take them off to eat. Being able to choose the colors each month was nice!


They only hurt when they were tightened. Three years of braces were worth it. I really like my teeth!


It is a hard experience at first but just hang in there because it is well well worth the wait. Getting them off was the best feeling ever and my teeth were perfect


I had a great experience with my braces. I would recommend to all that need braces to visit Dr. Reynolds and his team.


Having braces was not as difficult as I was told. As long as you do everything you're told to do there's nothing to worry about.


Glad they're off.


Braces can sometimes hurt and become annoying but in the end your teeth look amazing so it's all worth it.



Although braces were definitely inconvenient and annoying, they were worth the out come afterwards.


Over 2 years of having metal cemented to my teeth was overly worth it!


Worth it ! The process isn't fun but not bad. Just keep reminding yourself of the end goal and how amazing your smile will be at the end. I am much happier with my smile.


I'm so happy my braces are finally off. It's good to feel my teeth again.


When I first heard I was getting braces I was a little nervous. But once I got them on and having them on for 2 years there was no reason to be nervous. Having braces is worth it and it's going to go by fast. I wanna thank Doc Reynolds and his staff.


When I first got braces I was really excited to have them but then as time went on I just wanted to get them off. The braces did a really nice job at straightening my teeth and I am so happy with how they look.


The braces could get a little annoying at times but overall they made me have a great smile which is all that matters!


They are worth it !


Having braces can be a bit painful at times. Especially in the beginning but in the end it is worth it! Dr. Reynolds did an exceptional job at what they did!


The pain is worth the results.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds