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miles of smiles


At first I thought it would be agonizing and really hard to have braces. Soon I realized I was incorrect. As long as you stick to all the rules and ask for help when needed, braces are great. You will also be pleased with your teeth afterwards. I trust this orthodontist with my teeth and have never had problems. So If you are looking for an orthodontist to take care of your teeth this is the place.


They made my teeth straight and the weren't before!


Having braces was not that bad. Thsi office did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier with the results!


It was a difference experience. Tightening s were always a blast!


They hurt allot but payed off in the end.


Having braces did hurt me a little but it was worth it now that I can finally take them off.


Overall it was a good experience but a long journey and it was well worth it in the end.


I'm glad my teeth are back to normal.


Braces are a very good thing to have and although at times it may hurt a little honestly you get used to them. They do not interfere with your every day life. I'm so glad to have gotten braces.


Well it was worth it. I'm glad I went thru all the pain..LOL


Thank you fro being so accommodating during my second round of treatment.


As long as you care for them and follow instructions the outcome is amazing. I am so happy and appreciative of my new smile. Thanks to the braces and doc's treatment! It was the smartest decision I've made.


I'm glad I got them. They really helped me. I am so happy my teeth are fixed.


It's a fun experience having braces but they're annoying sometimes. Besides them being annoying I would say that I liked having them.

dylan to everyone

Was worth thee time. Would recommend Dr. Reynolds to everyone! So glad to have straight teeth.


Tough to maintain. HURT. Made my teeth look better.


Having braces wasn't that bad.


They made my teeth look awesome.


Having braces was not fun but it makes your teeth look nice so their a good idea to have. It's better have them when you're a kid instead of an adult. They also don't hurt.


My overall experience was amazing. Every visit was filled with happiness and joy from everyone who worked here and made the experience amazing.


They were tedious at first but having remembered what happened to my brother I enjoyed them. After retainers I'll have a good life.


It was a good feeling to see the changed every month. Good to see the end results. I'm grateful for Dr. Reynolds working with me using a payment plan.


It is not as bad as people say it is. The time goes by faster than you'd think.


The journey was long but worth it in the end! Thank you to everyone that helped to make my new smile.


Having braces gave me a great brand new smile. I love my new smile.


Braces were well worth the long wait because of the end results. I suggest getting them.


They did an amazing job and worked well with me. I'm happy with the results.


They don't hurt that bad when they get tightened. They work really well for the end product.


Braces are alright. They only hurt in the beginning.


At first it was different but I slowly got used to them and what they ask you not to eat actually isn't that bad. I'm happy they are off and I can't thank everyone enough. Just push thru....you got this!


It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!


It takes a while but the end result is worth it. I loved picking different colors every time.


It doesn't feel painful. I'll remember that in the future these braces will have helped me function properly.


It was really worth it in the long run and it was easy to follow what Dr. Reynolds asks you to do.


When you first get them on it feels funny but it's worth it!


Well these braces weren't the best. They absolutely worth it!


Braces aren't as bad as they seem. It's worth it when they come off.


Braces don't really hurt like people say they do. The only painful part is getting them on after that the only pain you will get is from scrapping your inner lip or cheek .


Braces were awful. I dreaded every month coming in to the office. When getting them off it was the biggest sense of relief. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs braces or orthodontic work.


Fixed my teeth very well with little to no pain most of the time. Quick and easy appointments made the time go by fast!


It wasn't that bad. Follow the rules and you'll be fine.


Having braces was a wonderful experience. I am so happy with my smile. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me during this process.


Having braces was a good experience and well worth it. Although you can not eat everything you want You can still have most foods and you'll end up with perfect teeth. I am very happy I waited for 2 years because I will forever have a good smile!


Having braces wasn't all that great. However the payoff and time is definitely worth it for a lifetime of better teeth.


Getting my braces on was pretty easy. The hardest part of getting them on was putting on the bands on the molars. Getting braces put on was very easy.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds