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miles of smiles


As much as I hated them it was worth having straight teeth.


Braces are fun to have and just remember to brush them and all I have to say is I'm going to miss them so much but I have to say goodbye to them now. Now i have straight teeth so do what they say!


Nothing much to say but they weren't bothersome as I thought.


It was not that bad. Dr. Reynolds was nice and cool. It did not hurt.


Braces look and sound scary but they're not. Yes, hurt like hell when tightened but it's a great reward when they shape your beautiful smile.


Had a good experience with my braces and I am happy they are off now!


When you want to make your teeth nice and perfect, braces would be your option. Always were elastics to speed the braces. ALWAYS WEAR THEM!!


They do the job. Would do it again. Very satisfied.


Having braces was very good but sucked at the beginning. But it was worth it in the end.


Braces can be annoying for the first while. But when they come off it will be very awesome. Braces were not bad at all. The stress before was worse.


Every visit is important!


Having braces was the smartest decision of my life because the feeling of have straight teeth is truly awesome. I'm glad I did it!


Amelia: I am so happy that I have my bra es off. Thanks to the braces my teeth are straight. I love my teeth. Sugei: Having braces was OK. I got pretty comfortable having them on. It was fun having braces. Can't wait for school.


Having braces wasn't all that bad. My experience at Dr. Reynolds was great and now I have a smile I can brag about.


Thanks for making me happy.


It was worth it. Every adjustment felt different.


I ma so happy that I have my braces off.


At first I thought it would be agonizing and really hard to have braces. Soon I realized I was incorrect. As long as you stick to all the rules and ask for help when needed, braces are great. You will also be pleased with your teeth afterwards. I trust this orthodontist with my teeth and have never had problems. So If you are looking for an orthodontist to take care of your teeth this is the place.


They made my teeth straight and the weren't before!


Having braces was not that bad. Thsi office did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier with the results!


It was a difference experience. Tightening s were always a blast!


They hurt allot but payed off in the end.


Having braces did hurt me a little but it was worth it now that I can finally take them off.


Overall it was a good experience but a long journey and it was well worth it in the end.


I'm glad my teeth are back to normal.


Braces are a very good thing to have and although at times it may hurt a little honestly you get used to them. They do not interfere with your every day life. I'm so glad to have gotten braces.


Well it was worth it. I'm glad I went thru all the pain..LOL


Thank you fro being so accommodating during my second round of treatment.


As long as you care for them and follow instructions the outcome is amazing. I am so happy and appreciative of my new smile. Thanks to the braces and doc's treatment! It was the smartest decision I've made.


I'm glad I got them. They really helped me. I am so happy my teeth are fixed.


It's a fun experience having braces but they're annoying sometimes. Besides them being annoying I would say that I liked having them.

dylan to everyone

Was worth thee time. Would recommend Dr. Reynolds to everyone! So glad to have straight teeth.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds