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miles of smiles


I'm so happy that I got them off because I've been waiting to eat everything I couldn't have since I got them put on.


Braces hurt at first but after a while they didn't and I got used to them.


As long as you follow the doctor's orders having braces is very easy. The only time I noticed I had them on was when I had an appointment. Make sure you brush your teeth well.


It was OK but my canines were really sensitive.


Braces stink especially for the first month of having them on. But they are worth the pain and trouble.


I enjoyed having braces. They were not even close to how bad people say they are. I got used to them very quickly and they were not painful.


They are very annoying to have but very confidence boosting when you get them off.


I am happy I can eat and drink the things I want to again.


Having braces wasn't always fun but it was worth it in the end. Mt teeth are a lot straighter now and I'm really happy I got my braces.


Definitely worth the wait. I can't believe the results.


I thought I was going to hate my smile still, but I love it. They aren't as bad as everyone says.


I didn't mind having braces. They rarely hurt and I was able to adjust to them well.


Having braces sucks. However it doesn't hurt It's just a pain to come here every adjustment.


Honestly, I really enjoyed having braces and being able to choose colors every month. Before I had braces I really never felt confident about my smile. I'm happy about my new look.


It was worth almost the 4 years. My teeth look 50x better than when we started.


It was a long process but definitely worth it!


Having braces was a wonderful albeit uncomfortable experience. I couldn't be happier with my new smile. The staff was also so kind and easy to work with. They did a fantastic job thru out my orthodontic process.


Having braces was worth it. My teeth look great!


It was a really fun experience. It went by quicker than I thought. Dr. Reynolds and his staff are good people and they made the experience enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend.


Having braces was the best decision I've made. Now I'm confident to show off my bright smile.


At first the braces make your teeth a little sore but in the end they make your teeth look amazing.


At first the braces make your teeth a little sore but in the end they make your teeth look amazing.


Having braces is really cool because every month you get to change colors.


Having braces for ME was a bit of a struggle. I had to make sure I brushed my teeth good enough. Also, I had to watch what I ate. Other than that my braces made a big impact on my teeth thru out the time I had them.


Having braces isn't that bad you just have to be responsible when you have them on.


Having braces was a great experience for me. I have much more confidence in my smile now!


All the time and extra care for your teeth pays off in the end!


Beyond happy with my new smile! Thanks to Dr. Reynolds and his team I am confident to show off my new smile.


It feels way better without braces. I feel like a new person.


The best part was getting them off to see your straightened teeth.


Braces aren't as bad as everyone says. They don't hurt and most people don't even notice them.


They aren't that bad to have because in the end it's worth it once you see the end results.


I am happy with the outcome of my teeth after getting my braces off. I never thought that my teeth would turn out the way they did. I'm so happy I got them off.


Having braces was delightful!


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds