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miles of smiles


I'm so glad to have a smile of my dreams, Thank You.


Feels good to know you will have straight teeth.


Braces weren't too bad. My favorite part was getting them removed. My teeth look so good now compared to when I came in.


It was fun having braces but I'm happy to finally get them off.


Having braces was allot of work but I'm excited to have them off with the results of not having teeth all jumbled around in my mouth!


I'm so happy that I got them off because I've been waiting to eat everything I couldn't have since I got them put on.


Braces hurt at first but after a while they didn't and I got used to them.


As long as you follow the doctor's orders having braces is very easy. The only time I noticed I had them on was when I had an appointment. Make sure you brush your teeth well.


It was OK but my canines were really sensitive.


Braces stink especially for the first month of having them on. But they are worth the pain and trouble.


I enjoyed having braces. They were not even close to how bad people say they are. I got used to them very quickly and they were not painful.


They are very annoying to have but very confidence boosting when you get them off.


I am happy I can eat and drink the things I want to again.


Having braces wasn't always fun but it was worth it in the end. Mt teeth are a lot straighter now and I'm really happy I got my braces.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds