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miles of smiles


When I had braces I felt happy because they were making my teeth beautiful. This place is the place I would recommend because without them my teeth wouldn't be beautiful at all.


Didn't like having them but it made my teeth feel better.


Man, I miss crunchy chips. Having braces was a pretty cool experience but I'm glad to have Doritos again!


Braces are not as bad as everyone makes them seen. For like a week they hurt then they don't


Having braces was overall not a terrible experience. The outcome is worthwhile.


It was good to fix my teeth. Now they look amazing.


Over the 2 years that I had braces I got used to them as time moved on. They were not nearly as bad as people made them seem. I'm glad that they successfully straightened my teeth and helped me over the past 2 years that I had them. Braces are actually fun to have!


It's worth it. I'm happy their off.


Always brush your teeth. The work you put in will make it worth it. Pick your favorite colors too.


Wasn't as bad as people say. Overall pretty easy experience.


So happy I finally get to see the results I've been waiting so long for.


Awful Helpful


You don't really notice them until they're off.


The process can be frustrating but the end results are great!


My experience with braces was wonderful. I feel like I have a better smile and feel more confident.


Braces help out allot. They straighten out your teeth allot. They are easy to get used to.


I'm happy to get them off. It took some time and work but it was worth it! Thank you.


Having braces was not as bad as people said it would be. There was a little pain, but I am happy with the results.


Braces are worth getting because I will have nice teeth for the rest of my life.


I did not like having braces but in the end I now have teeth that look really nice.


Made my smile better. You can basically do everything the same just eat different foods. Fun to have.


This place helped my teeth go from not straight to straight. I didn't think it was possible till I saw the progress.


They are not that bad.


I went thru a little bit of pain when I had my braces but it was worth it!


Wear your elastics if needed and the pain goes away. It's all worth it.


Having braces is a cool experience. Although getting them tightened may hurt a little it is fun to pick out the colors and stuff for your braces.


Braces weren't my favorite thing but I'm happy to finally like my smile.


Having braces was definitely worth it!


Having braces was a great experience for me. I was able to see how much my teeth needed to move. It showed me that you should take care care of your teeth.


Never hurt when I got them on and didn't hurt when I got them off. I feel lots better better than before.


Braces at their worst were only a slight annoyance. Most of the time you forget that you have them on.


Having braces wasn't bad at all. You guys did an amazing job. Near the end I really wanted them off. Not having soda and candy wasn't bad either. Thank you so much.


I liked it. It felt weird when I first got them on but I got used to them. I liked them when I had them because I knew they would help my teeth.


Not bad. Barley noticed them.


Fun but hard work.


Having braces was such a pain. But even though you have to give up some of your favorite foods, it's all worth it in the end.


They were annoying at times but I'm glad that my teeth are perfect now. And I'm happy that I can eat candy now.


Having braces wasn't that bad, honestly. I used to drink allot of soda but with braces I had to change that. And it really helped my health along with making sure it didn't decay the cement on my teeth!


I have enjoyed coming in to see Doc. He has the best interest to fix teeth. And all of his workers.


Having braces was an experience. I know that it definitely taught me to be consistent on things I need to. Since I had to wear elastics. Of course it made my smile much better.


Having braces wasn't as bad as everyone says they are. I loved them but what I love most is the outcome having perfect teeth feels great!


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds