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miles of smiles


Braces are alright. They only hurt in the beginning.


At first it was different but I slowly got used to them and what they ask you not to eat actually isn't that bad. I'm happy they are off and I can't thank everyone enough. Just push thru....you got this!


It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!


It takes a while but the end result is worth it. I loved picking different colors every time.


It doesn't feel painful. I'll remember that in the future these braces will have helped me function properly.


It was really worth it in the long run and it was easy to follow what Dr. Reynolds asks you to do.


When you first get them on it feels funny but it's worth it!


Well these braces weren't the best. They absolutely worth it!


Braces aren't as bad as they seem. It's worth it when they come off.


Braces don't really hurt like people say they do. The only painful part is getting them on after that the only pain you will get is from scrapping your inner lip or cheek .


Braces were awful. I dreaded every month coming in to the office. When getting them off it was the biggest sense of relief. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs braces or orthodontic work.


Fixed my teeth very well with little to no pain most of the time. Quick and easy appointments made the time go by fast!


It wasn't that bad. Follow the rules and you'll be fine.


Having braces was a wonderful experience. I am so happy with my smile. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me during this process.


Having braces was a good experience and well worth it. Although you can not eat everything you want You can still have most foods and you'll end up with perfect teeth. I am very happy I waited for 2 years because I will forever have a good smile!


Having braces wasn't all that great. However the payoff and time is definitely worth it for a lifetime of better teeth.


Getting my braces on was pretty easy. The hardest part of getting them on was putting on the bands on the molars. Getting braces put on was very easy.


They do not hurt as much as most would say.


Braces sucks but this made it easy to deal with them. I would suggest going here.


Although it seems like an awful thing, braces really aren't that bad and I totally am happy I got them!


Wearing braces may seem forever and such a hassle yet it is totally worth it!


It hurt at first but now my teeth look great! It was definitely worth it.


Having braces was better than I thought. It's a big responsibility. It made my teeth look great. You really get use them after a while.


Braces were never a problem. They did not effect me and the worst part were impressions but the people were nice and helped when they could


When I had braces I felt happy because they were making my teeth beautiful. This place is the place I would recommend because without them my teeth wouldn't be beautiful at all.


Didn't like having them but it made my teeth feel better.


Man, I miss crunchy chips. Having braces was a pretty cool experience but I'm glad to have Doritos again!


Braces are not as bad as everyone makes them seen. For like a week they hurt then they don't


Having braces was overall not a terrible experience. The outcome is worthwhile.


It was good to fix my teeth. Now they look amazing.


Over the 2 years that I had braces I got used to them as time moved on. They were not nearly as bad as people made them seem. I'm glad that they successfully straightened my teeth and helped me over the past 2 years that I had them. Braces are actually fun to have!


It's worth it. I'm happy their off.


Always brush your teeth. The work you put in will make it worth it. Pick your favorite colors too.


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds