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miles of smiles


The decision to get braces was one I was unsure about at first, but in the end it was very much worth it. After a month or two I didn't even notice them so it wasn't a painful or uncomfortable experience most of the time.


Very long process but worth it in the end!


It felt like it was the longest three years of my life but it was worth it!!


So happy these are now off.


They're a small inconvenience compared to the outcome.


This was such a good experience and I am very thankful to Dr. Reynolds and everyone here!! They were all so kind.


It was very easy. They were very careful when working on your teeth. After I adjusted to the braces it was painless. Taking them off was quick and easy also.


It wasn't fun to get them tightened but they fixed my teeth.


Having braces is good for your teeth. It helped me have a perfect smile. And someday you can too.


Having braces has been a real pain in the butt. It's been well worth my time. Staying dedicated and wearing my elastics has really paid off. I'm so thankful for Dr. Reynolds and his incredible staff.


Pretty easy, hurt sometime. Always brush your teeth and the more you take care of them the easier and faster it goes by.


So happy with my results. My teeth look and feel great! Thanks you so much! I love my smile! They look much better than I expected.


They hurt a little when you first get them.


Having braces is a little annoying and hard to keep up with but very worth it in the end.


Having braces was a pain although the time was short and well worth it!


It's worth the wait!


It's worth the wait!


Glad they are finally off they feel a lot better now.


Was worth it at the end.


I will forever be thankful for Dr. Reynolds and gthe rest of the amazing staff here. They were so patient with me the whole time and now I have a smile that I am comfortable showing people.


I am really happy with how my teeth look. I'm going to miss coming every month because everyone here is so kind and helpful. My teeth turned out great and I can't wait to show all my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Reynolds!


Love the work Dr. Reynolds did.


Very long process. Make sure you wear your elastics. Thank you Dr. Reynolds.


It was not as bad as I thought.


It was a long process but in the end you come out with beautiful teeth.


You might not like them but it's worth it!


I enjoyed having braces and getting my teeth straight. Now my teeth feel amazing.


Having braces can be a bit of a pain but you get used to it. I'm really glad I got them.


It was good and my teeth are very straight and the people are nice here.


I enjoyed the journey of having my braces. Now I'm kind of sad that they're off. Everyone here is so kind hearted and nice.


Having braces was not as bad as I thought. It went by fast and the experience was good as a whole.


I love how my teeth and smile look. It's worth it! Thank you so much for making this happy awesome experience.


Brittany: I'm so happy with my results. Thank all of you so much! Tyler: Went by in a flash. Only uncomfortalbe times was the day after getting them on.


Painful at times but it was totally worth it! Never broke a bracket. I'm very happy with the results.


This process with Dr. Reynolds was an adventure. Doc Reynolds is the man.


I wasn't sure what to expect but I was definitely scared it would hurt. It didn't! So glad I went for it instead of chickening out.


It was na odd idea of getting them at first and I thought it would hurt. But my Mom had me take 2 Ibuprofen an hour before, and it didn't hurt in the slightest. I was actually so comfortable during the process that I nearly fell asleep.


I thought having braces wasn't that bad. They were pretty easy to deal with and they didn't cause any problem.


Having braces seems like a big change at first, but over time you can realize how much they help out and the end result is amazing.


They hurt sometimes but when you get them off it is so worth it. All of the people and Doctor here treat you with care and they do it properly but having braces is allot of responsibility.


They don't hurt allot. They only hurt when you get them tightened. They work really well.


Having braces helped me and got my teeth straight. Sometimes people do not want them but they are worth it. Many would rather have straight teeth.


When you have braces it's hard to keep your teeth clean so make sure you try really hard to.


I lke having braces. At first I was scared that they would hurt but I got used to them fast.


Most days you don't even notice the braces are there. Sometimes food gets stuck in between the wire and the tooth.


My experience was very good after a while. I didn't even realize my braces were there and everyone I interacted with was amazing.


I though having braces was going to be much scarier than it was. When I got them off it felt strange but it was worth it!


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds