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miles of smiles


The braces could get a little annoying at times but overall they made me have a great smile which is all that matters!


They are worth it !


Having braces can be a bit painful at times. Especially in the beginning but in the end it is worth it! Dr. Reynolds did an exceptional job at what they did!


The pain is worth the results.


Having braces has completely Changed they way I feel about my smile. LIFE CHANGING !! I'm very happy with my smile now. Thank you Dr. Reynolds and staff.


They did a great job! My teeth feel awesome!


Getting tightened was never fun. But getting them off was very worth it!


I absolutely love my teeth they were terrible before. Over crowded and snagged toothed! I looked like a vampire. I'm so thankful for the staff who were so welcoming and helpful. If it wasn't for them I would still be ashamed to smile. Now I am more confident. Thank yu for my new outlook on smiling.


I'm glad that I came here to fix my teeth and make them straight.


When I first got braces it was really hard to speak. It month went by and I started to feel them change. By the end they felt great!


It wasn't as bad as I thought and I'm so glad that they are finally off because they look great!


Having braces is sometimes annoying but most of the time you barley notice them there and in the end you'll be glad you got them.


It sucked at first but as time went past it wasn't as bad at all and now my teeth are allot better than they were before.


When you first get braces you will feel very aggravated. Your teeth will definitely feel sore. But it's all worth it once you get them off.


Having braces helped my teeth get fixed and feel better than before.


They really hurt but it was worth it !


The time went by pretty fast. Surprisingly


I love my new smile !


Braces stink to have but in the long run it gets your teeth straight and it's worth it !


Was not that bad because I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and I just had to come in once a month real quick.


While the beginning was a little tough it eventually got better and the braces were like a part of my body. I am glad I have done this for my teeth and would do it again if I ever needed to. The end result is worth it!


Not the best feeling in the world but the end resits are worth it!


It was a long process but it was worth the wait.


Braces are a trip. I was nervous at first but then people complimented me and comforted me. I never felt out of place. Sometimes people would forget I had them and ask if I wanted some gum or soda so I had to remind them. I also feel that having braces helped me eat better and healthier.


It can be painful but it's worth it!


Fixed my teeth. Braces can be a pain with the elastics but it's worth it. Wires can be alittle pokey sometimes but other than that great experience.


It is allot of work but if you do what they say than it will be over allot faster. After it's over you will walk out with an amazing smile.


It was not as bad as I thought. It is well worth and the time flies by.


At first I dreaded the day I would get braces. But then I realized that 2 years later I would have much better teeth. I have been treated very well. i am glad to have better teeth and to get my braces off.



Wearing braces was not easy or fun sometimes but Dr. Reynolds made it a very smooth and bearable process. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. If I ever have to get them again I know where I'm coming!


It sucks at first but really pays off in the end.


They felt weird and kinda hurt at first but I knew they were going to fix my teeth. I liked braces and they really didn't bother me.


Worth it! Always wanted a better smile!


Made my teeth straight!!


The treatment here was great! They always take care of you and make your teeth look great!


Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds
Andrea Maureen Beverly Paula Dr. Reynolds